Lines in the sand.

This illustration is for Men’s style in Australia. It is for the “Opinion Column”

The state lines are crumbling. Like the Berlin wall, are the Australian State lines coming down?

At the moment all states( NSW, QLD, SA, etc) and three territories have their own parliaments and administer themselves. This is a Hangover from the 18th century when the british arrived in Australia. Because the states originated as separate British colonies each one is governed individually by a Governor.

At the moment this is how the land lies.

The States powers are protected by the Australian constitution.
The Commonwealth legislation only applies to the states where permitted by the constitution.
The territories, by contrast, are from a constitutional perspective directly subject to the Commonwealth government.
The Australian Parliament has powers to legislate in the territories that it does not possess in the states.

This is all bonkers. Get Rid of the states, have one federal government in charge of the lot, Wouldn’t that be easier?
State lines of Australia, berlin style graffiti wall