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  1. Daniel – your work inspires me. I so admired The Girl With The Frog Umbrella that I had to write a poem for it. It is written to parallel your tribute to the Japanese in Tanka shaped stanzas. It actually ended up being something of a children’s story. I wanted to make you aware of it. I hope it is not too forward to send you the link. I only do so as it was written as a response to your work.
    You’ll find it here:

    I am moved by most of your work. I have studied your king fisher piece at length. Still no ideas but your work is pure genius and a gift to the world.

  2. Malcolm Walton

    I cannot believe how well you have done over the years it’s been a long time since we met.
    Where is your shop?

  3. Andrea Thornton (Ing)

    Hi Mr Mackie!

    Love the new work! Using watercolour has been the making of you! Really lovely illustrations!
    Really thrilled you are doing well!

  4. Angi

    Hello Daniel

    I just want to thank you for your blog and your website looks great too. Your work is beautiful and I’m grateful to you for sharing your techniques. I too have been trying to figure out how to make repeats and came across the site you found helpful yourself – the lion drawing. I am still a bit confused with how to make seamless repeats with ‘wash’ backgrounds. It’s so much easier if you’re working on a white or solid colour background, but ‘washes’ cause a few more probs – did you use the clone tool in photoshop to fix anything? I wonder how they used to do it, when photoshop wasn’t available? Also did you split your original design up in photoshop or did you literally cut it up?



    • Hello Angi, yes, the designs are effectively two drawings I do the first drawing on tracing paper, cut it into 4 slick it back togetger like the “lion” tutorial. trace it onto sstretched watercolour paper then draw the design in the middle directly onto the paper, paint it with it in mind were it is going to repeat so to keep the paint as even as possible. When it’s finished i Scan it in and there is a bit of messing around in photoshop to get it to repeat properly. That is the trouble with watercolour You would have the same problem with flat colour like you say! and very familiar with photoshop so know all the tricks, but basically put the tiles together and use the clone tool to make the seem invisible. then crop it, and use the “define pattern” tool to make sure it is repeating properly.. email me if I can help you any further.

  5. Rachel Sandle

    Hi Daniel. I am an aspiring illustrator, and I am often interested in wildlife, animal illustrations, and working with watercolor. I recently found your work and it has been a big inspiration to me! I love your style, and I’m so glad I found your blog. Just wanted to let you know.

  6. vansix

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I truly admire your art and i find it incredibly beautiful and unique. It has captivated me so much that I’m having a tattoo of one of your cat’s designs.
    I find it amazing how art can travel so far, imagine that a girl in South America will carry your design in her arm, crazy right?
    Thank you for such inspiring pieces of work. Greetings from Uruguay.

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