About Daniel Mackie

This blog is Like a peak inside the mind of award winning artist Daniel Mackie.
Many of the posts are work in progress, some make it to his shop, The DM Collection, some don’t!
Daniel is a watercolour artist and those who have used the meduim will know that it is brave man that uses watercolour, It is a very unforgiving medium, one false move and you have to start again!

There is a lose theme in Daniels work, “animals in their natural habitat”. As you’ll see, the creatures environment ended up inside the animal. Daniel took his inspiration from an unlikely source, navy tattoos! In order for the paintings to work with so much detail, the shape of the animal was key in the design, it had to be instantly recognisable as the creature it represented, here Daniel took his cue from Art Deco, keeping the shape of the animal as simple as possible. Daniel is a big fan of the printmakers of the Ukiyo-e period which was between the 17th and the 20th centuries. This has very much influenced the interior of the designs.

You can read more about Daniel’s story here

The DM Collection is stocked in about 350 stockist in the Uk. The DM Collection also has 7 overseas distributers.
Take a look At the shop to see the whole range

14 thoughts on “About Daniel Mackie

  1. Sam

    Hi mr. Mackie,
    I am currently a student at UNF in the USA and am doing research and presentation on contemporary illustrators that I find influential. I would love to find out more about you and your work if you would allow.
    Is there a way to contact you directly? Or you could just reach out to me when you have some time.
    Thanks for your time,

  2. Kay

    Hello Daniel , Your work is truly fantastic.I bought some of your cards on Saturday and spent all evening looking at them, I would love to own I of your paintings and I will one day.
    Love from Kay. Pretty Unique Design trader at Greenwich.( Telephones).

  3. Lou

    Hi Daniel, I love your work. Visited Greenwich today and brought the hare and little owl…wish I had got another. How about doing a ‘ bull’ . I collect them and would love to see what you can do x many thanks, Lou xxx

  4. Marjolein Vanderhoeven

    Hello Mr. Mackie. Truly beautiful work and an inspiration to folks like me who haven’t picked up the brush in ages. Your pieces are the type that you can look at for hours because of all the intricacies and beautiful use of color. Thank you…and now, to my neglected watercolors…..


  5. Hi Daniel, my art teacher brought in one of your cards to class today, saying I might like your work, I don’t like it, I love it. Very inspirational.

  6. Rachel

    Absolutely love your work. Live in Letchworth where we have a fantastic bookshop that stocks some of your cards which i will frame and hang on my 9 week old son’s nursery walls. I see you have prints, but not of all your lovely work – some that I love are missing, but the cards will more than do!

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