Can Curiosity be Deadly? – The Fox and the Hare

Fox and hare- two watercolour paintings, Daniel mackie

Image © Daniel Mackie

You need to be careful with your curiosity. To much of it could result in you finding yourself in a life threatening situation. Aesop’s fable, The Hare and the Fox illustrates this perfectly. A hare is interested to know more about the fox, so tell him he is interested to know what his nature is like, The fox( no doubt a smile creeping across his lips) asks the hare to dinner so he can show him what his nature is like!

Many cultures have stories and fables about foxes being tricky and sly, and this one keeps with that theme. But Aesop’s fable suggests that the Hare in this tale already knows the fox is untrustworthy, but still out of deadly curiosity wishes to know more… mmmm, the fox sensing an opportunity suggests the Hare comes to his house for “Dinner”. Now there is the red light Mr Hare!

The hare in this fable pays with his life for not using caution to stem his desire to know about the foxes nature. Rudyard Kipling was probably aware of this fable. He illustrated this in his Just so Story, The “elephants childs” curiosity leads him into a deadly situation with a crocodile.

I often work on more than one painting at a time, generally I have three on the go at any one time, I usually draw them all out first and once i am happy with the composition etc I then paint them one by one, This seems to have the effect of linking the ones I do together as they often has similar colours or motifs. I used to do four at once but one always turned out to be a stinker!

I did these two together, both painted on Saunders Waterford watercolour paper stretched on the drawing board. As you can see, Rose Madder genuine and Quinacridone Gold Feature in both of them, although I did use Prussian Blue in the fox, This colour is becoming favourite! The blue in the hare’s body is cerulean blue mixed with Davy’s Gray.

Hare boxing- watercolour in progress- Daniel Mackie

Image © Daniel Mackie

Hare watercolour painting in progress- Daniel Mackie

Image © Daniel Mackie

Fox watercolour Painting -Daniel Mackie

Image © Daniel Mackie

Fox detail - Watercolour Painting by Daniel Mackie

Image © Daniel Mackie

These two designs are available as cards and prints at The DM Collection

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