Blue Fox

Screen print of a fox
This is the finished limited edition screen print. You can see the progress in my earlier post. I decided to print UltraMarine and white on a yellowish Japanese paper called Atsukuchi paper, which is only 57gsm. Light but very strong. The print is 320mm x 485mm.

I love the fables about foxes. This one is a good one, It’s unusual in that the fox is outsmarted!

The Fox and the Peacock

It is attributed to Ramaswami Raju.

The fox makes out he is just gazing at the stars and starts talking to a peacock who is sitting up a tree. The fox starts to try to charm the peacock out of the tree, by complimenting him on his plumage with references to the stars in the sky. The peacock has got the foxes number and says “therein is not your folly—although there is neither wit nor wisdom in your prattle but in the thought that your fine words would make an easy prey of me!”.
Teh fox leaves saying quietly to himself “The knave that hath been found out cannot have legs too quick!”

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