Nice pair of jocks!

illustration fro pulse

This illustration was for Doctor Weaving’s Diary in Pulse Magazine.

What a luxury it is to have the NHS. On a recent trip to the Himalayas in one of the last villages in indian before Tibet Doctor Weaving meets a shopkeeper who is scratching a living selling cigarettes and alike. The shopkeeper has a scrotal hernia. There are medical facilities in a nearby town. However 80% of healthcare facilities in Indian are private. India spends 0.9% of GDP on healthcare, Doctor weaving points out the UK spends 10 times that amount. It is unlikely that this shop keeper will make the trip to the nearby town to sort his problem out, he simply can’t afford it. Unlike India the UK has the NHS. It is “universally available and free at the point of delivery. We should remember what it is like without it.”

Below is the rough scamp fro the idea that turned into the final illustration.
rough scamp
Buy Prints are cards at The dm Collection
Daniel’s illustration portfolio

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