Wagtail repeating pattern for Domestic Etch – Theme; Growth and Decay

I was invited by arts magazine Domestic Etch to produce an illustration for their biannual magazine. The theme was Growth and Decay.

I thought i’d stay at arms length from the decay part and focus on the growth part! Well that was How I got rolling at the start anyway. Then I thought the whole growth and decay thing is a cycle anyway so why not have a repeat pattern. As I have mentioned in my earlier post. I’d seen some Wagtails bobbing about on a river in a little village in yorkshire, and they looked pretty lively. So these birds got me thinking. The birds are spiraling upwards though the clouds with an eggs and nest motif and skull motif mixed in there, the birds are in a rough circle and two are yellow and one black, read into that what you like!

“Domestic Etch” was founded in 2009 and is published more or less biennially. It features interviews and work by up and coming illustrators and fine artists.
bird tile of a repeating pattern

Above is the single tile and below the design in repeat.

bird( wagtail) repeating pattern

view Daniel’s Illustration portfolio
vist Daniels Shop, The DM Collection

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