The decline of an empire: Facebook is over. Illustration for Men’s style.

Facebook is over? Is it? I got this commission and it seemed I had to turn to my old hero Thomas Cole again for inspiration. This time, his five paintings, “The Course of Empire”, which he painted in 1833-36. He charts the rise and fall of a fictional empire and uses the landscape to denote that empires come and go but nature carries on regardless.

Facebook is the United States of social media. As Stuart Moore explains in his article it is already on the decline, the rot has set in. It is not curtains for Facebook yet, but Like the British Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the German Empire, it will fall.

When History looks back at the reasons for the decline in Facebook’s popularity it will probably cite a combination of its lack of respect for the privacy of its users and the fact that, as it got bigger and bigger, it became uncooler and uncooler.

Who knows what will happen, but there are other social media sites after its mantle…

fallens statue of mark Zuckerberg, illustration in progress

The idea was to have a fallen statue of Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of face book and it’s founder. This idea very much echoing the statue and the column that is in Thomas Coles 4th and 5th paintings of his series “The Course of Empire”. I kept the distictive hill/cliff shape with the boulder on top on the right to reference Coles paintings.

The Text box was going to be used as the plinth!
The decline of facebook watercolour illustration
Images © Daniel Mackie
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