Red cross heron fishing for peas – Japanese print style

Really went all japanese with this one! This illustration was for UBM Media. I wanted to stylise the heron and the landscape but keep a part of the illustration as lifelike as possible so to get a nice juxtaposition. As always I stared with getting the drawing right.Then Started straight away with the Herons head, Then put in the green wash background.
Watercolour painting of a Heron
Now this next bit was a tricky decision. I new I wanted those cloud shapes in the background but wasn’t sure how bold. on an earlier illustration i’d used a combination of permanent rose and cobalt turquoise. But that permanent rose as the name suggests is permanent! Plus as you’ll know bright colours like red have the habit being the equivalent of a shout! and i didn’t want the clouds to be the focus of the illustration, but I had it in my mind that I would balance it all later with the red cross on the heron and the gold legs. So deep breath, no turning back now .. on with the permanent rose!
Hweron by teh river bank fishing
All went well, I put Quinacridone gold on the other cloud and paired that with the herons legs, and painted the cross permanent rose. painted the tress black I never use Lamp black or Ivory black but mix French ultramarine with burnt umber, you get a much better result as you get the brown and blue shades coming through) paynes grey for the feathers and darkened the water a bit. Job done.
River bank Heron watercolour illustration

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