Bully illustration (part 2) Men’s Style

The next part of the Men’s Style “bully” illustration.
The art director chose the Pink Floyd idea. A kid in the corner of a playground and hammers all bearing down on him.
Rough illustration fro Bully
Now that the idea is approved i move on to doing the artwork. I scale up the image size to roughly half imperial. Then on stretched watercolour paper (300gsm Fabiano) I draw out the composition. In this particular case there is a gutter( where the spine of the mag is) about 1/5 of the way in from the right, so i need to keep any action out of that space.
Drawing of bully illustration

One thought on “Bully illustration (part 2) Men’s Style

  1. Aha! So it WAS inspired by Pink Floyd… I saw the part 3 on freshly pressed, and I was going to say that it reminded me of “another brick in the wall”… Now I see that you did intend for it to be that way. Pretty cool.

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