Waste not want not – First Stop.

The first Stop is a portfolio site set up to combat the enormous waste that is generated by artists sending out post cards.
My work is on there along with hundreds of other photgraphers and illustrators.
The work is vetted, so in theory there should be no rubbish! Boom boom! Apologies for that last sentence!

“everyday we creatives are glutted with promos from photographers and illustrators and far more often than not, they get thrown out. multiply all those filled wastebaskets by all the creatives in all the agencies around the world and you get a huge ass landfill piled high with photographers’ and illustrators’ collective talent and genius.

it’s not that we don’t love their work, we do! but we have no place to file it all – physically or mentally. that’s why we made first-stop, a free and easy to use online showcase for photographers and illustrators. the site gives creatives direct access to the artists they want to work with, while providing a paperless alternative to the barrage of promos. what’s more, each of the artists featured on first-stop has volunteered to significantly reduce the amount of paper promos they send out.”

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