The Kings Way

Watercolour illustration of The Way of the king
Watercolour Illustration for Pulse Today. Doctor Weaving’s Diary.
Doctor weaving uses an example of a patient to illustrate his point about the challenge that the NHS faces. This particular patient is a facing terminal lung Cancer. She is watching all the films she wants to watch, one of which is “The Kings Speech”. She had heard King George IV’s speech for real as a young girl.

Doctor weaving believes the biggest challenge for the commissioners in the NHS is to balance the the type of care that people need. On one side of the bridge so to speak is the specialist care for the like’s of cancer and renal Failure. This is where Medical and technical expertise is issued to either cure or make a patient comfortable. On the other side of the bridge is the more mundane but still crucial, home care. Helping some one who has cancer up the stairs to bed.

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