Are you afraid of what lurks beneath?

Well, you should be! Well actually you shouldn’t nothing to worry about. it’s all in your head. is it?

This illustration for triathletes world was for a piece about one ladies fear of the deep water. Once she was out of her depth in the swim part of the triathlon race panic stared to set in. The very idea of meters and meters of dark cold water between her and the murky bottom of the lake were enough to trigger panic. What was lurking down there, what just brushed past your leg? The trigger in this case was as the water got colder, she new it got deeper.

Her story was about how the panic of the deep water then spilt (pardon the pun!) over into every day life.
The conquering of her fear of the deep was a long journey and it actually something i’ve touched upon in this blog before here
Click on the images to see the finished watercolour painting.
drawing of a swimmer
swimmer drawing in progress

5 thoughts on “Are you afraid of what lurks beneath?

  1. Beautiful! I love it! Your watercolour is masterful, it’s definitely inspired me to try my hand at it again (I’m more of an acrylic person).
    Have you considered doing a tutorial? I reckon it would be appreciated!

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