Who is your mistress, is she cruel or kind?

The ocean has many moods, it can be a boiling seething monster or a postcard from paradise and all in between.

A new series of prints I’m working on, these are some of the main templates. The ocean has fascinated people across the ages, In literature it has been a rich source of stories. In Moby Dick, Ahab was obsessed with his “white whale”. in “The cruel sea”, it shows its ambivalence, in mythology it is given mermaids that drown sailors, calling them on to rocks or asking them tricky questions that must be answered correctly.
It is seen as the ultimate adventure playground, the great endurance tester, the leveler.
It’s calm and serene, violent and cruel. A great view or a savage torment. It is all of these things and more.
These prints will be available on my shop soon.

Ocean swimmer with jelly fish starfish and mackerelsailor drawing with tatoo's

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