Who’s the Don?

Don Draper is the Don or the Dick or is it Dick Whittman? Smooth as Steve Mcqueen on the outside and a coiling bag of secrets and lies inside, but what a character. All the girls want him, all the men want to be him. handsome bastard as well!
The star of Mad Man makes a great portrait. Hard drinking hard smoking serious womanizing, doesn’t appear to give too much off a rats arse about anything or any one but himself. But to be fair he seem to try every now and again to get his shit together. Man of his times, product of his generation, I was struck when I first saw Madmen how far society has moved since the 60’s. Fascinating series.

Drawing him was a bit of a trick beautiful people are always tricky, below is the work in progress through to the finished portrait.
More portraits on my site
Don Draper watercolour portraitDon Draper watercolour portrait in progress

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