Rocket to the moon?

Well Perhaps not the moon, maybe to Cumbria! Dr Peter Weaving is a GP and locality lead in Cumbria.This illustration is for his Diary piece in pulse today.
GP’s are going to be getting more financial control.
Doctor weaving has a visit to number 10 Downing Street to meet the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State.

Because of Doctor Weavings commissioning success, he and his consortium have been tasked with putting the reforms that the government has asked for into practice. The way ahead looks difficult and troubled, somewhat like a mountain pass!.

I used the title of the piece “pathfinder lift off” as a starting point and used the fells of Cumbria for the metaphorical path, I used the view from Great Moss up to scarfell pike and put the Number ten door at the foot of the fells!
Below illustration in progress, Click on the image to see the final piece.
Rocket illustration in progress

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