Are you afraid of drowning?

Blue Screen print of sailors feet a pig and a cockerel
If you are afraid of drowning then you need some of these sailors feet! Ok, this print is a bit out there at first look but bear with me here!

Back in the days of Wooden ships, Sailors used to get a Tattoo of a pig on one foot and a cockerel on the other foot. This was in the belief that it would prevent them from drowning.

The story comes from the fact that when a ship put to sea, the animals were kept in wooden cages. If the ship was wreaked often the only survivors were the animals in the wooden cages. The cages acted as life rafts.

Only 21 of these beauties. Hand pulled screen print.
Numbered and signed.
catch them while you can at my shop.

One colour screen print in Ultramarine.
Printed on Heavy Weight 300gsm Snowdon paper. 500mm High X 500mm wide. (print area. 230 high X 230 wide)

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