Sagittarius Rising- the fall of Icarus.

This is the finished illustration of Icarus. The story is from Greek mythology, the boy who in the sheer pleasure of flight forgot what his father, Daedalus had told him. Daedalus had made himself and his son wings out of feathers and wax so they could escape from Crete. Read more here in my earlier post
I had a bit of a fight on my hands with this illustration, I wanted to preserve the monochrome effect but not let those birds get too steely and solid. Once I painted the figure I painted the background in with really wet paint. I had an accident where I was swirling the paint around on the board and I dropped it butter side down so to speak. It got covered in dust and detritus from my studio floor! So I had to pour jugs of water all over it to clean it off. The dry watercolour stayed put thank god!
Illustration of Icarus. watercolour and pencil
More Greek Myth Subjects in my portfolio.

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