1 in 5…

Jim Morrison famously stated “Five to one, baby, One in five, No one here gets out alive.”
Which one of these two is going to get out alive from this embrace?
I wanted to portray an unknown adversary that is ambivalent to both parties. These two men are hell-bent on strangling each other but where has the fifth hand come from? Who is it? Who’s aid will it come to? Will it come to any bodies aid?
In Nicholas Monsarrat’s book, The Cruel sea, He illustrates this idea beautifully. The British sailors are in a fight with two foes, the German U boats and the sea. The sea is ambivalent to either side. It has no concept of who is good and who is bad, who’s right and who’s wrong. Like Jim Morrison who apparently was drunk out of his mind when he recorded “one in five”. It doesn’t give a rats arse who you are, where your from, what you’ve done, or what you’re going to do!

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