The Red Pill?

“I think, Therefore I am”, Descartes famous quote. The method he used to arrive at such a conclusion is called hyperbolical/metaphysical doubt. The french philosopher distilled it all down to one thing, thought. He rejects all things that can be doubted, this it seems is everything apart from thought. He distrusts the senses and with his wax argument he show how the senses can be manipulated, firstly a piece of wax is observed, it’s colour , smell, shape etc, then a flame is held to the wax, now the senses say that it is something different, different smell, shape, colour.. etc.. only the mind knows it is still wax.
So, where am I going with this! well, the Film The Matrix uses this philosophy, If as Descartes states the only thing for sure is thought, then everything else could be being manipulated by something else, What? Well Descartes said no need to worry about that, it’s god, he’s got it all sorted so no need to worry about being manipulated by anything unsavory!
In The Matrix, Morpheus gives Neo a choice between the red pill, the cold hard truth, but you will be free, and the blue pill, stay in your delusion. So, truth versus happiness, make your choice.
The Matrix also references Lewis Carol as well, if you take the red pill “you will see how deep the rabbit hole goes”. (When Alice in Alice’s adventures in wonderland fell down the rabbit hole she entered a fantasy.)
But according to Descartes, take the red pill or the blue pill, it doesn’t matter, your senses are your informant of your environment and as he shows in his wax experiment, they cannot be trusted! You still don’t know which is fantasy and which is reality…….although you can think about it!

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